Wine. Nature essence enclosed in a glass bottle. Wine is the soil, the sun and the wind. Everything that accompanies the growth of the vine and then the growing of the bunches filled with juice. Let's add to this, many centuries of tradition and human craftsmanship that this juice helps to turn not into a drink but into an experience.

We love wine, we are his devotees, and it is our passion. Therefore we named our apartments after our favorite type of wine: Merlot, Riesling and Tokaj.
We want to share our love for wine with our guests, hoping that they will love them just as we do.

Wine Apartments were built in mid-2017, in a completely renovated building. We wanted to create a modern and friendly space in which our guests will feel not always comfortable and welcome.

All interiors are spacious and design in a loft style. In some of them we have been able to discover and preserve the historic brick and wooden construction beams. We expose these elements, along with ventilation pipes, to give the apartments a unique atmosphere. To give the apartments even more winery touch, each have a 2 cabinets, made from original wine boxes, wine set and wine glasses.


Quality and comfort

Using our own, many years of experience in the real estate area, and analyzing guests needs and expectations at the market, we have used the top class materials, for comfort of our guests, especially during the night's rest. That is why all apartments have spacious, comfortable beds with top-notch mattresses. The modern mechanical ventilation system at the whole facility ensures constant air exchange, while specialized fire protection system guarantees security and protection of our guests.

Modern technology

Respecting our clients privacy and comfort, we resigned from typical reception, replacing it with modern access system. In order to access apartments, guests receive pin code, generated for their reservation, via e-mail or text message. Pin codes are secured and generated for each booking separately,  so only guests have access to their apartment. There are many advantages of this solution, but the main is that clients can access their apartment at any time, without any time restrictions and without any keys or cards.