Wine Garage

In the charming cellars of the Wine Apartments,  there is a Food & Wine Garage, that has its own carefully selected set of organic and biodynamic / natural wines, exclusively from certified vine crops.

In the portfolio, you can find European wines, as well as wines from Argentina and South Africa. Most wines are served in glasses, and importantly, without additional fee for bottle opening and service.

Wine Garage offers a varied breakfast, prepared with fresh local products, mostly organic, which changes with the seasons. World's food lovers will find something for themselves, such as the specialty of the place, that is grilled camembert with apples in thyme and marinated grapes, or fresh sea food and many other delightful dishes! 

We are changing for you! In march 2019 we re-opened Wine Garage after complete renowation!

More places for our guests, enlarged kitchen, new menu and offer including not only breakfasts but also lunches and dinners. 

Come and enjoy! 

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